dave s kubuntu at pusspaws.net
Sun Nov 27 02:36:37 CST 2005

On Sunday 27 November 2005 01:01, Merv Curley wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 November 2005 14:09, dave s wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Does anyone else have this problem,
> >
> > Start kmail, compose new message, press select button to access
> > kaddressbook, the list is empty. I can always get recent addresses
> > but resource is empty.
> No answers in 4 days, surprising.
> Anyway my address book shows up flawlessly when creating a new
> message, and I have moved the file between several distros - Mepis,
> PCLinuxOS, Suse 10 and Kubuntu in the past few months. All have been
> stable.  The file started several years ago on some unknown distro
> and has grown.  I don't think you need to lose your data if you purge
> Kontact and reinstall.  That might be better than just installing
> KMail.  Unless you didn't install Kontact.
> Save all your config files as well as data.
Thanks for replying :)

I have had kmail stability issues from day one of install (just crashed while 
sending this email) 

What files are you saving to move your address book (and kmail accounts ?) 
from system to system ? If I can save the configs, I will purge & re-install 
kmail, contact & kaddressbook



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