Derek Broughton news at
Thu Nov 17 09:36:41 CST 2005

tudza wrote:

> Yep, this does the trick.
> The GUI added the address and netmask lines, but it did not put in a
> gateway line.
> Where should I report the bug about no administrator button 

Are you sure?  There are two potential issues here: one, the kcontrol
screens can sometimes be larger than the window they're displayed in.  The
button is there, but finding it can be difficult.  The other is that
kcontrol had a long issue with not being able to bring up the admin windows
after you gave a password - it would open the same screen you'd just been
on, and prompt you again.  If that's what's happening, it's fixed in
"breezy-updates" & "dapper". 


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