Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Wed Nov 16 20:35:17 CST 2005

On Wednesday 16 November 2005 07:05 am, Scott wrote:
> Hi,
>     I want to set up a teamspeak server on my machine so a couple of
> friends can use it, but I need to know my IP address.  How do I find out
> my IP address?

Hey, Scott.
	Just a friendly note on sending messages into a list.  If you want to ask a 
new question, or start a new thread you need to create the message from 
scratch, and not reply to another message.  Even if you delete the subject 
line there is information in the header (which you can't see) to tell other 
email clients what "thread" a message belongs to.  
	This is important because someone may set a thread to ignore, and never see a 
question you ask about something unrelated because his client is configured 
to view messages in threaded format.

Anyway, Like the verse!


See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
John 3:16!

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