Werner Erselina roltux at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 15:37:27 CST 2005

Hi Josef,

What you could do is use the program screen. Screen is a sort off a terminal 
wich give you the power to start an application, this application will run 
even if you have logged out or restart kde. For more information check the 
man page for screen. 

For example: type on the commandline "screen vi", this will open the editor vi 
inside a screen session. when you close the console or logout, you can still 
go to your vi session with the following command. screen -r 
But anyway the manual pages contain far more information i am giving right 



Op maandag 14 november 2005 21:35, schreef Josef K.:
> how can I make an application autostart _before_ kde (so it's still running
> even if I restart kde) ?
> --
> Josef K.

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