Anthony Christiansen anthonychristiansen at
Sat Nov 12 10:20:26 CST 2005

I'd like to move from Windoze XP to Ubuntu and I have some questions:

1) My laptop has two hard drives, each 40GB.  The second one isn't being 
used at all right now.  Can I load Ubuntu on that drive and use both 
operating systems until I get used to Ubuntu and eventually drop Windoze?

2) I have some devices that came with windows-specific software, namely a 
Nikon digital camera, a Creative Labs Zen Extra MP3 player and, finally, a 
Dell Axim handheld.  How will I operate these devices with Ubuntu?  What 
about printers?

3) Does Ubuntu come packaged with a music player and recorder?

4) Finally, there are a couple of windows-based apps that I used 
infrequently and probably could learn to do without, but is there any way to 
run these under Ubuntu.  I'm specifically think of a Systran Translation 
program that I use a lot (I'm an American living in Europe and frequently 
need to translate documents in languages I don't know all that well.)

Anyone who'd be up to answering these questions can write back either on the 
list or to me privately.

Thanks!  Anthony

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