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Sat Nov 5 12:37:15 CST 2005

Hi All
I`m new in ubuntu world, previously I was gentoo user about 3 last years.
When I install kubuntu and do some setup I`ve found some realy annoying 
1) "administrator mode" in kcontrol  doen`t work, It askes my a pass, then 
shows me loading screen and goes to the kcontrol index page
Here`s part of my sudoers:
Host_Alias      LOCAL = c3po
User_Alias      ADM = drolyk
2) usplash breaks my fonts in text-mode(console without X). I`m russian and I 
want my console russian too. I can solve this only by disabling usplash :)
3) lirc( packages in ubuntu repository completely broken(impossible to 
build lirc kernel modules). I`ve found a lot of quistions about it on ubuntu 
forums. But from debian unstable lirc(0.7.1pre2) works fine. Why not upload 
these packages to ubuntu ?
4) smb4k doesn`t configured well, after install it needs some setup
in sudoers file, eg:
Host_Alias	LOCAL = hosts_coma_list
User_Alias	SMB4K_USERS = users_coma_list
Cmnd_Alias	SMB4K_CMNDS = /usr/bin/smb4k_kill, /usr/bin/smb4k_mount, \
I think such strings must be in dpkg preinstall scripts or something else :)


Right now I want to ask how can I solve my issue with kcontrol :)


P.S.: Sory for my BAAAAAAD english :)
If you think of MS-DOS as mono, and Windows as stereo,
  then Linux is Dolby Digital and all the music is free...
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