Simon Rönnqvist simon at
Tue Nov 1 16:26:58 CST 2005

On Tuesday 01 November 2005 19:30, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Simon Rönnqvist wrote:
> > Since I'm subscribing to a couple of mailinglists (such as this one) I've
> > made some mailfilters to separate these mails from others. However, I
> The simplest solution for mailing lists "like this one", is to get them via
> NNTP from - but that doesn't alter the fact that KMail
> behavior with filters & IMAP folders is awful.

  Well, actually I'm having a problem with the News reader functionality on my 
Kubuntu Breezy PowerPC.

It says:
Cannot load part for News.
Library files for "" not found in paths.

This doesn't disturb me very much (yet), so I haven't tried to solve it 
(yet)... but in case anybody has a solution I'm surely interested. :-) (Sorry 
for the OT. :-)

> > figured that Kmail doesn't apply the filters I've made to mails coming
> > into the inboxes of my IMAP accounts, and I need to mark them and choose
> > Apply Filters (or push Ctrl+J) to get them filtered. This is really
> > disturbing, and a real showstopper for Kmail in case it doesn't get
> > resolved.
> >
> > The only solution (kind of) that I've found is this one:
> >
> > But it'd really suck having to start doing these kinds of hacks just to
> > get a basic kind of functionality such as filtering IMAP-mail.
> Wow.  That's really clever but far more trouble than I'm willing to go
> to :-)

  Indeed. :-)

> > Are there easier ways?
> Yes, use "Disconnected IMAP" as your Account type.  It means you end up
> with copies of all the messages on your local system, but it applies the
> filters automatically.  It's still a bit of a hack, because it's fairly
> common that I need to resynchronize the folders, but it's a lot simpler
> than the above method (though gmane is easier :-)).

  Well, this is exactly what I needed... Thanks!
Also since I'm using a PowerBook it's probably a good idea, so that all the 
mails stay with me on the road. One strange thing though is that one is 
unable to change an account from IMAP to Disconnected IMAP... so deleting and 
creating a new account is the only way... kind of clumsy... :-)
But let's not complain... Disconnected IMAP saved my day! ;-)

  cheers, Simon

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