firefox upgrade required?

ian ian at
Wed May 18 04:10:17 UTC 2005

I'm trying to load some themes and extensions into firefox, and it says
I need to upgrade?!? I'm running the version of firefox that came with
ubuntu (1.0.2) and their page says I need the newer version to even get
themes (1.0.4).  This isn't available in the apt repositores, and
mozilla only offers a .tar.gz file which, as I understand it, would
create conflicts with apt package management, or at the very least a
complete duplicate copy of firefox.

How long untill this will be available in the ubuntu repositories? and
will someone please slap mozilla upside the head for causing such an
inconvinience over a minor version change!  The page sounds like
something from windows update "in order to keep your computer safe when
using the internet.... blah blah"

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