rpm packages

Donatas ziogelis77 at takas.lt
Fri May 6 01:52:15 CDT 2005

Senectus . wrote:
> The application is called "alien" and from memory it turns .rpm
> packages into .tgz
> then you can install it manually..

You can surely convert rpm's to debs with alien with a command like:

alien -d xxxx.rpm

where xxxx.rpm is an rpm package. You will get a deb package.

In some cases it works fine, in others the program thus installed is 
screwed up.

I installed successfully fglrx driver and skype with the help of alien 
(both programs now have prebuilt debs). But I tried to do that for Nvu 
with variating success - I succeded in older versions, but could see no 
menus in NVu0.8 (if I remember correctly)


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