Firefox "www" Goes Haywire

Ed Sutherland digital at
Wed Mar 30 15:13:00 UTC 2005

I updated my system (through the Update Manager and with apt-get 
dist-update) this morning. Firefox 1.02 began acting oddly in kubuntu. 
Whenever I type '' in the Location box, rather than printing 
'www' I see three black squares.

This is replicated even when I log out then log back into kubuntu. This 
is replicated even when I reboot the computer and log back into kubuntu.

This *cannot* be replicated when I log into Gnome.

Firefox still goes to the address I enter, the 'www' portion just isn't 
printed correctly. I can skip the 'www' portion and still get the Web 
page I want.

Does anyone know of a fix? Should I uninstall and reinstall Firefox? Thanks.


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