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Frederik Dannemare frederik at
Thu Mar 24 16:20:15 UTC 2005

On Thursday 24 March 2005 17:01, Rob Willenberg wrote:
> Kubuntu uses sudo inplace of su.
> In the console, preface any commands you need to run as root with
> sudo. At the password prompt, type your user password.

Or if you absolutely need it - for whatever reason - you can activate 
the root user with "sudo passwd root" and then set a password for the 
root user. Personally, I cannot live without this (but I do think the 
way the root account is handled by default (through sudo) in (k)ubuntu 
is the way to go).

> For KDE apps the use kdesu, type your user password in at the
> password prompt.

Doing so in Control Center -> Wireless Network doesn't activate 
Administrator mode as it should. Can anybody confirm?

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