problems to activate my ethernet card

Roberto Antoniazzi - OpenContent roberto.antoniazzi at
Tue Mar 22 21:57:56 UTC 2005

Hi Tom,
thank you; below my answers

Tom Fernandes wrote:

 > are you using DHCP to get an IP Address?

yes, through a  router and perfectly running in my little LAN

 > if so - try running:
 > sudo dhclient eth0
 > on the commandline to see if it works then.

the result of the command was

No DHCPOFFERS received
No working leases in persistent database - sleeping.
(the configuration of /etc/network/interfaces file was:

mapping hotplug
	script grep
	map eth0

iface eth0 inet dhcp)

 > if not try running the following command on the commandline:
 > sudo ifconfig eth0
 > sudo route add default gw
 > to make your DNS work you will have to put the following line
 > into /etc/resolv.conf as the first line.
 > nameserver
 > You can edit this file by issuing the command:
 > sudo kedit /etc/resolv.conf
 > on the commandline
 > you have to substitute with your IP Address,
 > with your gateway and with your DNS Server.

I then tried (after I had disabled dhcp server) with

sudo ifconfig eth0
sudo route add default gw

and putting the provider nameserver IP in resolv.conf, modifying 
accordingly the  file interfaces

iface eth0 inet static

but without any result. I'd like to try changing the kernel loaded 
modules, but without my
ethernet card and then internet connection it's almost impossible.

If it's a useful information, ping command runs properly with localhost 
while is not running (host unreachable) with the router's IP (

It's really a pity, kubuntu works very well also in my old desktop, 
keeping out lan connection ...

Any other ideas?


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