Kubuntu Thoughts

Rob Willenberg rob at whatwouldlinuxdo.com
Mon Mar 21 17:08:06 UTC 2005

Thanks for the great work so far. Kubuntu is really shaping up to be a nice 

A few thoughts on what I've encountered:

Rdesktop is not installed with Krdc. Should it be?

Juk and Amarok are redundant. I wasn't a huge fan of Amarok until I saw 1.2, 
the version in Kubuntu, and am blown away. One or the other?

Smoothblend for the Windec? It would be distinctive, and seems to be very 
popular at Kde-look.org.


I think Lipstik is a great choice for the Style.

Change the color scheme to match the default background a little better? Make 
it a bit darker? I have this here that changes the look slightly:

Ship with a Kubuntu theme in the Theme Manager.

Metabar add on for Konqueror?

Edit as root service menu from kde-apps.org?

Sometime you have to ask yourself...
What Would Linux Do?

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