super user konqueror (was: [kubuntu-users] Kubuntu is excellent! 1 of may questions

Philippe Landau lists at
Sun Mar 20 01:23:59 UTC 2005

>>>Where is the file browser super usermode?
>>>I kinda miss that.
>>I removed it because I was not sure of the security issues.  Does
>>Gnome have a similar option in its menus?  I'm happy to be persuaded
>>into putting back super user Konqueror if it's sane.  Super user
>>Konsole is a definate no, anyone who can use a command line can learn
> I haven't worked on a vanilla kubuntu-desktop installation for more than a few 
> minutes (I use a pre- kubuntu-default-settings user), but when I think about 
> it super-user konqueror maybe shouldn't be removed. For a normal user this 
> seems to be the only way to do administration tasks in a comfortable gui 
> environment - where he doesn't have to enter "cryptic commands" just to move 
> a (system) file, change a setting (e.g. open and edit a config file).
> As long as the kubuntu philosophy doesn't include something like "users 
> shouldn't do administrations", which would be bad because I think any 
> competent user should be able to be their own admin, super-user konqui should 
> probably be back.
when will a user need this ?
can these tasks be facilitated with admin scripts ?
in the mean time konqueror can be called using sudo, right ?
it would help prevent hundreds of hours of misery
for user if they can be kept away from trashing their system files.

kind regards     philippe

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