Booting Kubuntu in 22 seconds

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at
Fri Mar 18 18:03:39 CST 2005


I'm Edulix, a recent new user of Kubuntu. First of all, thanks you all for 
this excelent distro ! 

I've been modifying my system, having a nice time doing this and that trick. 
Today I configured hibernate and saw it worked in my lapto, and that it was 
really nice, so much that it could replace my usual booting sequence.

Note that for this script to work you need Hibernate working and configured ! 
More info about it in .

It happens that he new KDM let you specify which script you want to use to 
halt system (from the KDE Control Center). The simple script that appears in 
the end of the mail is aimed to be called by KDM when you tell it to boot. 
What it does is just to restart KDE, then wait actual session to stop, and 
finally suspend.

Thus, next time you boot Kubuntu it will wake up from hibernate state, and KDM 
will be shown.

COpy the following text in a file, chmod +x  it (to be able to execute it) and 
then go to KDM module in KDE Control Center and specify that file as Halt 

# Halt system by hibernating it script

PID=`cat "$PID_FILE"`

# Restart KDM so that  next boot we'll be prompted with kdm
/etc/init.d/kdm restart

# Wait actual kdm session to close
while [ "$PID" = "$PID2" ]
        if [ -f "$PID_FILE" ]
                PID2=`cat "$PID_FILE"`
        sleep 1

# Finally hibernate sytem


Now everytime you tells KDM/KDE to shutdown, it will just hibernate properly. 
And next time you bnoot system, you'll awake it. You'll never see Init levels 
anymore, and it will boot from GRUB to KDM in ~20 seconds !

Have a nice day,

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