Chris Halls chris.halls at
Mon Mar 7 22:07:39 UTC 2005

On Monday 07 Mar 2005 20:03, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> One way around this would be to offer a net-install option where only
> the base system is installed off the CD (a la mainline Debian).  I'd
> love to see that, personally.

1. I was only talking about the install CD, not the archive.  Guarddog is 
available in universe already so is already installable from the network.

2. The net-install concept is doable, but this isn't the list to discuss it 
since we are just using Ubuntu infrastructure.

> And of course, if there's anything wrong with KDE it's that there are
> just too many things on the menu (and they all start with K :-p), so
> other things could be removed to make room for a good firewall GUI.
> KDE but with nice brief menus a la standard Ubuntu would be really
> helpful for many users, I think.

Yes I agree.  The question is, what to remove?  Suggestions are welcome, maybe 
start a new thread to discuss it.


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