Booting Kubuntu Live CD on twin CPU G5 - Hangs

Todd Trichler ttrichle7 at
Sun Jun 26 01:47:00 CDT 2005

Hi guys I did not find anything that set me right on

kubuntu installed quite nicely on my Tecra 9000
laptop, so I thought I would play around with it on my
G5 at home with the Apple Cinema Display.
However when I tried to boot off of the live CD for
it hangs with a white screen and the following text..
opening display /pci at 0, f0000000/ATY,
SimoneParent at 10/ATY, Simone_B at 1_

and then the hard disk begins to race -- and I have to
shut the power off :(

I also tried the 'live video=ofonly' -- same result.

does anyone know if the liveCD actually supports the
2.0GHZ twin cpu G5 model -- or am I in unchartered

- Todd

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