Kubuntu questions

Ben Hayes ben.hayes at bjconsultancy.co.uk
Mon Jun 20 01:18:14 CDT 2005


James Gray wrote:
> Simple answer:
> Add "umask=0" to the options in fstab.
> "Better" answer:
> Add a "gid=XXX" where XXX is the group ID for a group that can access the NTFS 
> partition.  This way, to give a user access to that partition, you simply 
> need to add them to the group.

Thanks for this.  I'll give it a try a bit later on.

> Don't do that.  There's been many discussions on both the Kubuntu and Ubuntu 
> user lists about why this is a "Bad Idea"(tm).  Just use "sudo".  If you want 
> a root shell, "sudo bash" voila!

While I agree with keeping the root account disabled, I ran into
problems when I installed Kubuntu on my system.  Everytime I went to use
the sudo / su command, it kept giving me access denied issues.  When I
enabled the root account, it worked flawlessly.  I will look into this a
bit further when I get the time.

> I've got a SB Live! Value (5.1) which is an older incarnation of your card 
> IIRC.  I believe they both use the "emu10k1" module which is part of OSS.
> sudo modprobe emu10k1
> should do the trick.  If it does, add "emu10k1" to /etc/modules

Yes, you are right in it using the emu10k1 driver.  However, sound is
hit and miss with this card.  I've got the older SB Live! card in my
daughters computer running linux and this works great.  My card however
is the issue.  I wish I had of bought the Audigy card instead at the
time.  Hind sight is wonderful isn't it?

>>apt-cache search f-spot
> f-spot - personal photo management application
> Look about right??

I'll remember the apt-cache command.  I'm still coming to grips with apt
as my background is rpm and swaret.


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