Steve Kratz stevek at
Mon Jun 13 08:06:37 CDT 2005

> With regret I have decided that I do not have enough time to 
> use Linux. Unfortunately I have had too many problems, bugs, 
> inconsistencies, etc. etc. First with SUSE (as earlier noted 
> I gave up using their support as it was going nowhere, 
> slowly). Now with Kubuntu. 

Well, you've gotten your feet wet at least... Don't give up just on one
bad experience (God, if I'd done that, Mandrake would've had me running
scared from Linux forever!)

Every time I find a distro that gives me problems, if I liked it in the
littlest way, I try it again the next time they upgrade it. Often, the
"showstopper" bugs have been squashed.


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