Kmix launching in full size at KDE startup

Donatas G. ziogelis77 at
Tue Jun 7 02:11:37 CDT 2005

2005 m. Birželio 6 d., Pirmadienis 11:51, Dripple rašė:
> I'm a happy Kubuntu user since 5.04. I recently updated my box to KDE
> 3.4.1 and installed ThinkPad Buttons, for I run Kubuntu on a Thinkpad
> T30. I don't know which one did this, but now, at each KDE startup, KMix
> is launched in a full window instead of minimized in tray.
> Anyone knows how to prevent this ?

Did you try to play with KDE Control Center  > KDE components > Session 
manager module? 

It may be that you have a setting that restores a previously saved session 
with kmix opened... If you save session anew or switch setting to "restore 
previous session" this problem will go away.

If not, I have no idea... I had the same problem with kde 3.1 on Mandrake 
mashine before, and mangling with Session manager did not help. 

Donatas Glodenis

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