Unable to enable DMA on some AMD systems

Thomas Hofer th at monochrom.at
Sun Jun 5 13:31:42 CDT 2005

Christoph Wiesen wrote: [Sunday 05 June 2005 19:39]
> what me and Google couldn't solve in several hours of investigation
> you did in one sentence. Thank you, Thomas!

I'm glad I was able to help, because it took me quite some time to find 
the answer using google. It was so hard to find, because I was 
dead-sure the amd74xx was loaded, so I didn't look at the right places.

> Back on topic I still have to enable hdparm manually. Can you tell me
> as well, how I can automate this? I'd rather not have to use hdparm
> inside a script (though I'd like to hear about this as well if theres
> no other way). I thought there was a way to tell the system to always
> try to use DMA if possible...

After changing /etc/modules, it worked out-of-the-box for me. Maybe it 
depends on your chipset whether DMA is activated automatically?

Looking at /etc/init.d/hdparm, I'd say that /etc/hdparm.conf is the 
right place to configure the hdparm defaults for the drives, if 


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