dvd rom (media:/...) opened in a new konqueror tab, not a new window

Christoph Wiesen chris at deadhand.com
Sun Jul 31 09:20:26 UTC 2005

Am Samstag 30 Juli 2005 14:13 schrieb Hinrich Aue:
> Hello there,
> If I already have a konqueror window open, and I want to open my dvd
> device, it always opens as a new tab in the existing konqueror instance.
> How can Io change that? I want to open it as a new window!
> Thanks,
> Rizzo

The only option you should need to change to get this to work properly is 

Konqueror -> Settings -> Web-Behaviour -> Tabben-Browsing -> Advanced -> "Open 
in tab if the adress is started from outside" (something like that, it's the 
option at the bottom) - DISABLE

This should be all. Talked about that on some time, but it seems the behaviour 
as it is (absolutely everything opens in a new tab) is intended and won't 


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