Many questions - part 4

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Thu Jul 28 09:26:39 UTC 2005

Hi Curtis,

On Thursday 28 July 2005 07:22, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> Some people have said that KDE is still unstable or broken in Kubuntu.
> Question. Once things get stabilized or fixed will that mean things will
> get automatically fixed in my installation of Kubuntu after doing an
> apt-get update/upgrade?

Some things get fixed, but that are only the most severe bugs. Updated KDE 
versions fix also a lot of bugs, you can install a backport of KDE 3.4.1 of 
3.4.2 to hoary.

> To get the sound card to work I just have to type on a command line:
> modprobe opl3sa2
> How do I make that permanent?

Add "opl3sa2" to /etc/modules on a new line.

> In order to get the network up, the KDE wireless parameters in the
> Control Console don't seem to help. But by going to a command line and
> entering such information like:
> iwconfig eth0 essid xxxx
> iwconfig wifi0 key restricted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> then ifconfig eth0 down, up, it will connect. Surely the Control Console
> config or by some other means I can make this more permanent.

add these two lines to the eth0 part in /etc/network/interfaces:

wireless_essid xxxx
wireless_key restricted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I guess eth0 and wifi0 might as wel be the same (they are the same on my 
aironet wifi adapter).

> OH, one final thing. Whereas this is a laptop I have emplemented a
> suspend mode. But sometimes - not always - when waking the computer up
> from suspend it's like certain keys are being held down. And there's no
> apparent way to stop it, except by holding the on/off switch long enough
> (but not too long) to single a shutdown command to the computer.

That's a more complicated problem, there is more than one suspend mode: 
suspend-to-ram (S3), suspend-to-disk (S4). For S4, you have the in-kernel 
swsusp and an additional patch (suspend2). To get a vague idea, is a good read.
S3 can be pretty fragile, depending on your hardware, but S4 should be able to 
be stable, albeit with a little manual work.

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