Many questions - part 4

Curtis Vaughan curtis at
Thu Jul 28 05:22:30 UTC 2005

Some people have said that KDE is still unstable or broken in Kubuntu. 
Question. Once things get stabilized or fixed will that mean things will 
get automatically fixed in my installation of Kubuntu after doing an 
apt-get update/upgrade?

But my real questions for now are this.

Every time I reboot I have to go through a series of procedures to get 
the sound card to work and the wireless network up.

To get the sound card to work I just have to type on a command line:
modprobe opl3sa2
How do I make that permanent?

In order to get the network up, the KDE wireless parameters in the 
Control Console don't seem to help. But by going to a command line and 
entering such information like:

iwconfig eth0 essid xxxx
iwconfig wifi0 key restricted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

then ifconfig eth0 down, up, it will connect. Surely the Control Console 
config or by some other means I can make this more permanent.

OH, one final thing. Whereas this is a laptop I have emplemented a 
suspend mode. But sometimes - not always - when waking the computer up 
from suspend it's like certain keys are being held down. And there's no 
apparent way to stop it, except by holding the on/off switch long enough 
(but not too long) to single a shutdown command to the computer.


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