Getting Firefox to open when clicking on links in Thunderbird

Martin J Hooper martinjh_linux at
Fri Jul 22 15:11:37 UTC 2005

James Evans wrote:
> I'm using KDE too :)
> You might try manually editing a gconf entry. You'll need to create a 
> directory with the path:
> "~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http/"
> Then create a file called "%gconf.xml"
> That file should contain something like this:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <gconf>
>        <entry name="command" mtime="1121943099" type="string">
>                <stringvalue>/usr/bin/opera -newpage %s</stringvalue>
>        </entry>
> </gconf>
> Failing that, just "apt-get gconf-editor" - It'll bloat your system, but 
> it's still handy for handling hidden settings for a whole bunch of 
> gnome-dependent packages

Installed gconf-editor, changed the relevant bits to 
/opt/firefox/firefox %s and still nothing happened.  Do I need to 
relogin or summat?

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