Dual Boot and MBR Questions

Merv Curley mcurley at eol.ca
Thu Jul 14 20:27:34 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 13:07, Raymond wrote:
> When installing Kubuntu as a dual-boot (existing winxp install) I do not
> wish to overwrite the existing MBR. Does the Kubuntu dual boot loader
> support a booting Kubuntu from the /boot partition similar to third party
> boot loaders such as Paragon?
> Raymond

For many years I have overwritten the Windows entry in the MBR. Should you 
wish to reinstall it in the future, it has been quite trivial.  I have no 
experience with XP but believe the same operation works.

I have used Gag as one respondent mentioned using it on a floppy and on the 
hard disk.  I haven't tried this but I think I saw an option during install 
to put Grub on a floppy which will allow dual booting. Check the grub man 

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