Outlook and IE Imports to Kubuntu / Ubuntu

Ben Hayes ben.hayes at bjconsultancy.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 16:40:47 UTC 2005


On Tuesday 12 July 2005 22:35, James Gray wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 05:25 am, Raymond wrote:
> > What is required to export Outlook address book messages and messages
> > along with IE bookmarks for subsequent import to Kubuntu and/or Ubuntu ?
> >
> > Major concern for possible Microsoft migration.
> Outlook address books can be exported to a CSV or Tab-delimited file.  Both
> can be imported to most mail clients under Linux.
> Outlook mail is always a problem unless you have access to an IMAP server. 
> If you have an IMAP server available, upload all local mail+folders to the
> IMAP machine, then import again to a Linux mail client.  MS-Exchange has
> the ability to accept connections via IMAP, but the protocol needs to be
> enabled - check with your administrator.

If companies are using MS Outlook, then as standard IMAP will be enabled.  
I've yet to come across a company that has this turned off by default.  In 
regards to the Address book export, the CSV format should work best here.

> The fly in the ointment will be the e-mail transfer from Outlook.  If
> you're already using an exchange server, just connect your Linux IMAP
> client to the Exchange server and go - all your mail should be there.  I
> believe there was a project at one time to read Outlook's "PST" files
> (local machine mail storage under Outlook), but I never followed it up. 

If the email is tied to an exchange server, then Evolution and Kontact can 
connect to them.  However, the minimum specification of this needs to be MS 
Exchange Server 2000 and above.  If you are using Evolution, then simply 
download the evolution-exchange plugin and away you go.  This opens an extra 
configuration set for connecting up to Exchange servers.  In regards to 
Kontact connectivity, this works straight out the box (figure of speak) but 
there are limitations.  Please refer to their website 
(http://www.kontact.org) as I cannot remember the limitations off hand.

A product you may want to look at is MoveOver (http://www.resolvo.com) that 
will convert your MS stuff over to Linux.  There is an Open Source project 
going on for the MoveOver product but as of yet, nothing has come from it (no 
downloads, no nothing).

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