Restoration of Desktop Trash Icon

James Gray james at
Fri Jul 8 01:55:30 UTC 2005

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005 07:39 am, Raymond wrote:
> I have somehow deleted the trash icon on the desktop.
> How does one restore this?
> Raymond

OK - I was closer on my first reply - disregard the instructions about 
creating a ~/Desktop/Trash directory.  It's wrong.

Adding a "+Kubuntu" to the google search works wonders (ie, I wonder why I 
didn't do that first!)

Basically, copy /usr/share/apps/systemview/trash.desktop to ~/Desktop

That's it.  There are a few other ".desktop" files 
in /usr/share/apps/systemview that you may find useful, so have a play 
around, and sorry about the red herrings.


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