Firefox with cut/paste URLs

Daryl Sayers daryl at
Wed Jul 6 21:48:01 UTC 2005

I have converted over from Redhat then debian now kubuntu. I also use
FreeBSD at work. I have finally configured kdm to do most of what I
want but I am having problems with Firefox. On all my other systems I
am able to cut a URL from a text window using mouse button 1 (select) then
go to the main display area of Firefox and paste the URL using mouse
button 2 (3 button mouse). This does not work in the kubuntu environment.
I know I am able to go to the address bar, select the current address,
remove, then select my new URL and paste into this area but this proceedure
is much slower than the select, paste process I am used to.


. Is this a kdm or Firefox issue.

. How do I fix it.

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