Ed Cogburn edcogburn at hotpop.com
Sun Jul 3 16:00:53 CDT 2005

Martin J Hooper wrote:

> Ed Cogburn wrote:
>   No, that doesn't change the problem that the kdm package is dependent
> on the
>> kubuntu-default-settings package.  Ben is right I believe in that none of
>> the main KDE packages should be depending on any kubuntu meta-packages,
>> because people (like-me) should be allowed to have a subset of KDE
>> installed without needing to install everything that kubuntu requires, or
>> for that matter even everything that the kde meta package installs.  I
>> don't use a display manager at all so this issue never affected me.
> Its not Ben asking the question its me ;)

Jeez, not only did I not know which list I was in, I didn't even know who I
was talking too....  Maybe I should crawl back into my cave for a few weeks
of "convalescing", hmmm,  someone's at the door..., don't know how they are
but their all-white uniforms sure look slick and crisp...,  be right

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