the true init

Yoram Hekma yoram.hekma at
Fri Dec 23 15:04:56 UTC 2005

Jeyson D. Polanco wrote:

>Hi a lot
>well. wats the true INIT without X? or how can I configure any of rc[].d 
If you mean what runlevel to use to boot into console mode, there is none:)
Debian (and so Ubuntu also) doesnt use runlevels that way. You  have 3 
runlevels: 0 (shutdown), 3 (default) and 6 (reboot). If you want to have 
a runlevel that doesnt start X, you can define your own one. If you 
never want to boot into X (ie, remove X from runlevel 3) you can use 
rcconf (apt-get install rcconf) from the CLI or use BUM (apt-get install 
bum) for a nice GUI. I think there also is a KDE thingy (something 
system-->services I would guess).

Hope it helps

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