Hoary -> Breezy upgrade

Martin J Hooper martinjh at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 22 16:15:59 UTC 2005

Joe Hart wrote:
> You might not want the Kubuntu CD.  If you install it, you'll loose all 
> of your Gnome applications (some of which I find quite useful).  I would 
> suggest upgrading to Breezy as mentioned above and them installing the 
> package "kubuntu-desktop".  That way, you get Kubuntu, but keep all of 
> your Gnome goodies and can even use Gnome in the future if you find KDE 
> not exactly to your liking.

You should be able to install Gnome apps without Gnome though.  All the 
GTK+ libraries and others should come through as dependencies though.

IE if you install The Gimp, you would get the Gimp, GTK plus any other 
libraries that the program needs.

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