Slow login (nfs mounted home)

Alan Bowden alanb at
Wed Dec 14 09:26:40 UTC 2005

Thanks Oscar - Works perfectly now

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Check that you have portmap installed and running before trying to mount a nfs-volume.
You can also test your bandwidth between you and your server - it might be the reason why it's so slow.
And install nfs-common if you haven't already :-)


On Wed, 14 Dec 2005 09:51:57 +0200
"Alan Bowden" <alanb at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am assessing kubuntu (dapper) for use in our work environment and come up with
> a bit of a show stopper.
> We have all our home directories on a Network Appliance server which acts essentially
> as an NFS mounted volume.
> When I create a user account with the home directory on our server, the whole login
> and subsequent usage becomes unusable (~3 minutes to open a konsole terminal). Some
> applications then seem to run normally, but others still have problems. For example,
> even when the konsole opens, one still cannot type in it.
> Any suggestions to try would be welcome.
> Alan
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