Had enough (of bugs)!

Andy Choens gunksta at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 01:45:13 UTC 2005

> I've never had any of the problems you describe. I've had Konqueror
> crash in Hoary, but never lock up X, the only time I get X crashing is
> due to the nvidia drivers, which has, in the past, been quite frequent,
> I didn't install the nvidia drivers on my latest install of Hoary until
> a few days ago, so far no crashes but I don't know if that means
> anything yet.
I don't have an nvidia graphics card, so I don't have that problem at
all.  The only thing that ever crashes on my system is kaffeine, and
konqueror (but only when kaffeine is embedded in konqueror).  This has
been the same on hoary, breezy, and breezy with kde 3.5.

I may be getting a friend to put kubuntu onto an old mac, I'm curious
to see if we get the same results as the OP.  I only have experience
with the x86 and amd64 versions of Kubuntu.

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