out of office replies

David A' Rebel obsidion at xtra.co.nz
Tue Dec 13 07:50:44 UTC 2005

Lionel spake of Re: out of office replies on Tuesday 13 December 2005 19:03 :
> Lionel wrote:
> > David A' Rebel wrote:
> >>   What is it with some people on this group that they have to set an
> >> out of office reply to anything posted here. Seems rather rude to me.
> >> What do others think ?
> >
> > I agree, I was assuming it was a mistake on the posters behalf.
> Argh, and I got one from Luka Renko for replying to this message, it
> will be 2 after this post!
> Just to clarify, what I meant by mistake on posters behalf is that maybe
> they don't mean to send auto replies to messages posted on this group
> but haven't realised that they are.

  He's done it to me at least twice and I've asked him to fix it but I guess 
he can't be bothered, can the list maintainer do something about this and ask 
the offenders to please stop or be removed from the list. There is absolutely 
no reason to do this and apart from putting them all on filters which means I 
would miss anything of value they do actually say there is nothing I can do 
about it.

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