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Erich Birngruber erich.birngruber at
Sat Dec 10 19:01:33 GMT 2005

On Saturday, 10. December 2005 17:12, Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> I'm sure you know how this works, but for others who may be watching it
> goes something like this:
> 1.  You create a key pair, a private key, and a public key.
> 2.  You export the public key, and send that to the other person who will
> receive encrypted email.
> 3.  The other person imports your public key into their email client setup.
> 4.  You create a message and encrypt it with your private key.
sorry, but this is worng. the message is always encrypted with the public key 
of the receiver. and the receiver is the *only* one who can decrypt the 

> 5.  They receive the message and decrypt the message with your public key.
and when you receive a message (encrypted with _your_ public key) you can 
encrypt it with your private key. 

i.e. you can download my public key from the url in my signature. a person who 
has my public key can send mails to me and i will be the only one who is able 
to decrypt them (because i am the only one who has the private key). 

i hope i did not bring more confusion than necessary ;-)


Erich Birngruber

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