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L. Boggio L.Boggio.KUbuntu at
Thu Dec 8 17:37:39 UTC 2005

Le 07/12/05, Greg Madden a dit :

> Whenever I create a table in writer, enter a column of numbers, then use the 
> sum feature, OOo freezes. I have to kill it from a console. No error 
> messages, that I know of. Any one else have table/sum issues in Writer ? 
> Everything else in Kubuntu seems to work fine.
> Breezy amd64, kde 3.4.3 & recently 3.5.

Breezy KDE 3.4.3 Kernel 2.6.12-10-386 OOo 1.9.129, i made a 2x10 table,
entered numbers in 9 first rows, first column only, and in last line,
allways first col, clicked on sum, selected line 1-9, [ENTER], and had
my sum.

In my konsole, I had NO messages, either locales nor

what does give a ld --version ?

Mine is 2.16.1

Ludovic Boggio
French Kubuntu 5.10 User, and proud of it !

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