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Greg Madden gomadtroll at
Thu Dec 8 17:59:20 UTC 2005

On Thursday 08 December 2005 04:57, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Greg Madden wrote:
> >> > Whenever I create a table in writer, enter a column of numbers, then
> >> > use the sum feature, OOo freezes. I have to kill it from a console. No
> >> > error messages, that I know of. Any one else have table/sum issues in
> >> > Writer ? Everything else in Kubuntu seems to work fine.
> Hi Greg.  I don't have a problem with anything to do with Tables (I think).
> I just tried to open a word doc (that does have tables) and it told me it
> wanted to restore an "Untitled" document.  I tried to cancel it, it threw a
> hissy fit, and now every time I try to start OO it opens "Untitled",
> documents named <1> to <12> and then hangs.  I've never seen a sign that it
> actually tried to open the document I want...
Hi Derek
I removed the Openoffice-KDE integration package, I was able to create and use 
the table/sum feature in a new doc. Still no go on my existing docs though. I 
give up, I like Window Maker anyway, I'll just use KDE apps from there.
> Dapper, kde 3.5 and openoffice.org2-writer 2.0.0m143-0ubuntu3
This can't be your work box ;-)

Greg Madden

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