floppy problem

Donatas G. dgvirtual at akl.lt
Wed Dec 7 05:50:09 UTC 2005

2005 m. gruodis 7 d., trečiadienis 07:00, David A' Rebel rašė:
> On Wednesday 07 December 2005 17:22, Donatas G. wrote:
> > What is the problem there? Could someone please tell me where the
> > settings for the media:/ are edited?
> >
> > --
> > Donatas Glodenis
>   I fixed it this way I did it for both cdrom and floppy....
> I edited the fstab file to point to /mnt/cdrom and /mnt/floppy
> Make sure you create the directories in the /mnt direcory.
> I also put an icon on my desk for the floppy drive to point at that device
> and I mount it and access it from there.

Thank you, I know this way it does work. However, don't you think it is quite 
a mess to have so buggy (or wrongly configured) floppy and cdrom mounting 
thing in media:/ ? I would like to find out how to fix that in the correct 
way, and to draw the attention of Kubuntu developers. 

I see that KDE wanted to have it the easy way, making it look more like 
windows, perhaps, where you have separate trees for every device.

However, I think it just got messier this way. Just consider the technical way 
the drives are referred to in the location bar: media:/fd0... and it could 
be, that the place in the file tree is actually /media/floppy/ ! 

now, IS  THAT USER FRIENDLY? Which user?

The media:/ thing does not always work, even when everything gets mounted and 
displayed ( I have a problem playing files via kaffeine when I try to access 
them on different from native partitions and try to do that via 
media:/hdc0/file.mp3; you still have to go for /media/cdrom0) and the 
mounting thing is even more messy...

OK, I should perhaps stop complaining here :)  I would like to help improve 
this, perhaps i will file a wish report for Kubuntu....

Donatas Glodenis

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