How to clean up unnecessary dependencies?

Jamon Camisso jamon.camisso at
Sun Dec 4 00:20:27 UTC 2005

Simon Rönnqvist wrote:
>   Hi!
> When installing packages in Kubuntu/Ubuntu or Debian the packages usually also 
> want dependencies to be installed. When removing these packages again they 
> don't seem to care about a bunch of dependencies being left installed. Is 
> there a way to easily clean up unnecessary dependencies?
> The best way so far that I've been thinking of is to use synaptic to install 
> the software, because synaptic keeps track of installation history. Still 
> this only gives a list of packages installed at a sertain occation, which 
> means that one will still have to remove them manually one by one.
> The ideal would be if the package managers would keep track of which packages 
> were picked by the user and which were installed as dependencies. All 
> packages just installed as dependencies should also be able to be removed 
> automatically as soon as no 'picked package' or dependency of a 'picked 
> package' would be dependent on it.
>   cheers, Simon

Take a look here:

I know it doesn't solve your problem, but it looks like there are people 
working on it. I don't know what the "2005/apt--auto-mark--0 branch" 
thing is but it sounds promising?


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