Partitioning/dual-boot question

Ray Miller millerr at
Fri Dec 2 20:16:48 UTC 2005

>> Partition it with windows first, either fdisk or something like partition

magic. I'd go for 110G windows and 10G fat 32 if win2k uses ntfs (not sure 
there) and leave the rest unpartiioned since win2k doesn't see it anyway. 
Install windows and then kubuntu using the unused disk space option. The
idea of the 10G fat 32 is so that both OS's can share it without the ntfs
being a pain since both windows and kubuntu can happily rw to it. <<

This is similar to how I configured my notebook computer. I utilized the
Paragon partition manager (installs in windows) to resize the NTFS partition
and as a boot manager. A four gig fat32 partition was then created in
windows and then configured to mount as /windows in Kubuntu during
installation. Additionally, Paragon allows one to hide the NTFS partition
from Kubuntu and the Kubuntu partitions from Windows.

Caveat: If you utilize a 3rd party boot manager such as Paragon, do NOT
allow Kubuntu to load grub or lilo on the MBR; should install to the /boot
partition (which should be flagged as bootable)

Hope this helps.


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