Ubuntu reboot: kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs onunknown block(0,

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> why downloading from the kernel.org is wrong and what kind of patches do i need?

Plain kernels (also called vanilla kernels) available at kernel.org
are the less specialized, and they're made to suit in a wide range of
computer platforms, so they have more conservative options.

The policies that Linus Torvalds (and the maintainers) applies are
clear: distributions should apply the needed patches to stabilize,
extend and optimize the kernel behaviour.

Each distribution applies several patches to make the kernel fit the
software they include and the behaviour they pursuit, I only know 2
exceptions: Slackware and Linux-From-Scratch.

Debian applies a set of patches that you can find in the package
As Ubuntu is derivated from debian you can find the available patches:
sudo apt-cache search --names-only kernel-patch

Some links you should have read before asking:

Beginners question on patching kernel

Build your own kernel for Debian GNU/Linux

Kernel Rebuild Guide

Patching the kernel

[ck] patching Ubuntu kernel

> Later I need to install rtai and comedi onto my system, I am trying to write a device driver for a ISA interface IO card.

First of all, review if any previous work has been done, there are
drivers for almost all old controllers.

In second term, I think you should ask in a more specialized place. I
guess your driver isn't just for KDE on Ubuntu :)

If you need Ubuntu, there are a lot of lists.ubuntu.com like
kernel-team, ubuntu-users and ubuntu-devel where you will find much
more help than here.


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