gnome apps in kde

Lionel van den Berg lionelv at
Fri Aug 19 02:06:41 CDT 2005

Scott R Kuindersma wrote:
> I have installed Kubuntu from CD on a few different machines, and I
> haven't had any of these problems. If you are running Ubuntu, you
> might try 'sudu apt-get install kubuntu-desktop' instead of manually
> installing KDE.

The gtk2-engines-gtk-qt did the trick, however my rendering in Firefox 
still looks crap.

For example the page has only text as 
links at the top of the page . . . such as "netwealth Funds" is just 
text and a white background, it supposed to have a blue background from 
memory . . . any ideas?

I'm getting excited, I'm closer to having a usable beast here, if I can 
change a few more things I will have a competitor to Mandriva, Ubuntu 
seems more stable so far :).


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