Desktop Previewer & Pager not retaining settings

Troy Williams troywill1 at
Wed Aug 17 13:23:33 CDT 2005

Got a very small problem:

The Desktop Previewer & Pager applet will not retain settings on 
logout/reboot.  More specifically, I like having 4 desktops and the showing 
them in two rows in the pager.  The 4 desktops is retained, but on login, or 
after a reboot, the pager reverts back to 4 desktops shown in one row in the 

Right-clicking on the pager, selecting Show -> Rows -> 2, fixes it, but only 
for the current session.  I have done much searching on this, but have not 
found the solution.

FWIW, this is a clean Kubuntu-only install.  I have another box that I run 
Ubuntu & Kubuntu on (Ubuntu install, then added Kubuntu via apt-get) and I do 
not see this issue with KDE on that system.

Any pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks much.

Troy Williams
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