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Martin Meredith martin at
Wed Aug 17 06:45:08 CDT 2005

Andy Choens wrote:
> I like to play chess.  I've played with eboard, and although it works
> just fine, I would really like to use something....more....kde.  I've
> used knights before and loved it.  Thus, I was somewhat dismayed when
> I discovered I can't get it to compile.
> I've got the latest tar file unzipped on my hard drive.  I enter the
> directory knights and....
> ./configure
> leads to.........
> checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0) (headers and
> libraries) not found. Please check your installation!
> For more details about this problem, look at the end of config.log.
> So, I thought...oops.  I gotta use prefix and let it know where KDE
> is.  But, that didn't help either.  I got the exact same error.
> Has anyone successfully compiled knights?  Are there any Ubuntu debs
> out there I can use?
> --andy

Try installing the QT3 development libraries.

	sudo apt-get install libqt3-dev

That should install them.

If you want to pass the package along to a MOTU ... (or myself) then I'm
sure one of us can get it built to go into breezy.... and then, if need
be, I can backport it.

Martin Meredith
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