Missing Shutdown and Reboot on Kubuntu. Installed from ubuntu.

Craig Matsuura cmatsuura at control4.com
Tue Aug 16 11:16:56 CDT 2005

I am using KDM.
Yes, Offer shutdown options checked in Control Center.
Correct.  I am NOT presented with the option to Shutdown and reboot.  
Just End current Session.

Yes, I can shutdown/reboot from the KDM main screen.   But the problem 
is I can not shutdown/reboot from my user login.


Troy Williams wrote:

>On Tuesday August 16 2005 9:58 am, Craig Matsuura wrote:
>>I need to figure out how to restore my Shutdown, reboot options on the
>>kde logout.  I only have close session.  The kde setup has reboot and
>>shutdown enabled on the sesion manager setup page.  
>Are you saying that you are using KDM and you do have 'Offer shutdown options' 
>checked in Control Center -> KDE Components -> Session Manager and you are 
>still not presented with shutdown and reboot options when you attempt to 'log 
>I assume that once you log out of KDE and are back at the KDM 'login' screen 
>that you do have shutdown and reboot options (click the icon at the bottom of 
>the screen)?


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