Ubuntu wireless administration

Andy Nunn anunn2001 at tconl.com
Tue Aug 16 04:03:05 CDT 2005

I have just installed Ubuntu on my Compaq Presario 1210US laptop. The
install went flawlessly. This is the first time a Linux installation has
worked on this machine.

I have one issue thus far, the USM wireless device is not working nor can I
find any tools to try to configure it. It is a D-Link DWL-122 wireless
device. During the install the device was detected and appeared as a choice
along with the built-in LAN card, with the comment that there was no
wireless network. There is a wireless network and the laptop is 3 feet from
the wireless router. It has a 64 bit ssid key on it so perhaps that is why
the annotation.

Can someone point me in the direction to begin trying getting this to work?
Also is the Ubuntu install representative of the current Debian install?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Andy Nunn
Thou shalt not send me any thing which says unto thee, "send this to all
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