compiling KDE 3.4.2 on amd64

Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Fri Aug 12 08:40:26 CDT 2005

Scido wrote:

> Alle 04:57, venerdì 12 agosto 2005, Andreas Mueller ha scritto:
>> install libxrender-dev ubuntu5  and libxcursor-dev 1.1.4ubuntu4 :)
> I know, but these packages aren't avaiable in hoary repository.

Actually, they are, if you count Kubuntu's hoary repository.  :)  You just
need a deb-src line for kubuntu's hoary-kde342, even though you're system
is amd64 and the repo doesn't have amd64 binaries, it doesn't matter.  apt
repositories can be source only if you wanted that, apt doesn't care, and
the source packages of course aren't platform specific.  The only problem
is knowing what the names of the source packages are to ask for (not easy
when there are no binary packages that refer to them or are built from
them).  Just make sure you have the line 'deb-src hoary-updates main' (or a mirror), then run
"apt-get source XXX" to get the source packages, where XXX is "kdebase" or
"arts" or whatever.  apt will accept either the names of binary packages or
the name of the source package if you know it.  Try using the same names as
the old 3.4.0 package names, and if all else fails, you can cheat by
looking into apt's repo on to see the file names.  To do that,
point konqueror at then browse
around for the various file names you're looking for.

Once you know the layout of an apt repository, lazy cheaters will realize
they could just pluck these files out of kubuntu's apt repo via kget or
wget, etc, without ever using apt of course, but hey, what's the fun in
that?  :)

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