Erro de autenticação no kppp (Authentication error in kppp)

Dripple dripple2 at
Wed Aug 10 03:14:35 CDT 2005

Here is english translation :

Hi guys,

I have Ubutnu 5.04 installed and I have problems to connect to the wbe 
via modem (Smartlink). The modem is already configured and works well, 
but when I connect to any provider, pppd (I use kppp frontend) returns 
the error that follows :

Aug  8 00:18:26 localhost pppd[8530]: The remote system is required to
authenticate itself
Aug  8 00:18:26 localhost pppd[8530]: but I couldn't find any suitable
secret (password) for it to use to do so.
Aug  8 00:18:26 localhost pppd[8530]: (None of the available passwords
would let it use an IP address.)

What's happening ? What do I have to configure ? Independent of the 
provider dial, pppd always returns this error.

Thanks in advance.


Rodolfo Reis
Campinas, SP - BRASIL


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