dvd rom (media:/...) opened in a new konqueror tab, not a new window

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Aug 1 14:32:37 CDT 2005

Martin J Hooper wrote:

> Hinrich Aue wrote:
>> If I already have a konqueror window open, and I want to open my dvd
>> device, it always opens as a new tab in the existing konqueror instance.
>> How can Io change that? I want to open it as a new window!
> In the settings/configure/Behaviour dialog delselect open folders in
> seperate windows.
> In the Web Behaviour/Tabbed browsing
> Deselect open links in new tab and deselect everything in advanced options
> should work then... ;)

No.  I have the same problem - I always open links in a new tab, and when I
open a link in KMail or KNode it opens in a tab in the existing Konqueror
window, but new media:/ invocations always open a new window (not just for
the DVD - also memory sticks).

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